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Smith & Wesson Sells Out Gun Industry
On March 17, 2000 Smith and Wesson sold out the gun industry and the American Gun Owners to the Nazi tactics
of the Clinton-Gore Administration. If you think your rights are not on the chopping block, then put
your head back in the sand.

If you're not a member of a pro-gun organization such as the NRA, CRPA or a local grass roots council,
then you're part of the problem.

Join the NRA today and become part of the solution. The NRA is on the move and challenging the
Clinton-Gore gun grabbers. They are growing daily and currently 3.5 million members are
supporting the rights of 80 million gun owners. If you're not a member, what's your problem?

It is time for all gun owners to get involved and protect their rights. Don't fool yourself into thinking
that they're only after "assault weapons." Your hunting rifle, trap & skeet shotgun and single action
revolvers are next! All gun owners need to step up to the plate by challenging their favorite local
gun dealer to cease carrying Smith & Wesson products and purge existing stock. If your dealer
doesn't, then find a new place to buy your firearms and other suppllies. It's time to stand up
and be counted the same as our forefathers did some 226 years ago.

Stand up now and be counted or forever hold your peace, for you will not have
earned your rights.

Write Smith & Wesson at:
Smith & Wesson
Ed Schultz, CEO & President
2100 Roosevelt Ave.
Springfield, MA 01102
Phone (413) 781-8300 Fax (413) 731-8980
Website: www.smith-wesson.com
Email: eschultz@smith-wesson.com

Tell Mr. Schultz that if he wants to be the scapegoat or the pawn for the English then pack up and
move there. We are free men here in America.

ARM USA no longer sells Smith and Wesson products, other than those which were in stock BEFORE
S&W signed the Clinton & Wesson agreement. ARM USA will NOT be subject to restrictions and
regulations set forth therein. We feel the agreement is unconsititutional, un-American, and violates
every law-abiding American's god-given right to keep and bear arms.

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