How much does it cost?
$175 to shoot all the single-shot rifles once and shoot 10 rounds through the belt-fed.
$125 to shoot all the single-shot rifles and NOT shoot the belt-fed.
$90 to shoot 10 rounds through the belt-fed only.

Why does it cost $15 more than last time?
Because we added a new single-shot rifle, the Ultimate Accuracy AMAC 5100.

Does that cost include range time?
Yes. The fee you pay ARM USA includes all-day range time. We pay the range to allow you to shoot there.

Are eye and ear protection included in the registration fee? If not, can I rent them at the range?
No, we do not provide eye and ear protection nor does the range rent these items.
You may purchase inexpensive eye and ear protection here at the store (under $10)
or you may buy it at the range the day of the shoot.

I can't make it in your store but I want to sign up. Can you fax me the forms?
Forms may be faxed to you but they must be returned to ARM USA prior to the day
of the shoot you wish to attend. If you request the forms via fax or mail, we suggest you
bring them back personally to ensure you a spot for the day you want. Sign-ups are
on a first-come first-served basis.

I live closer to Angeles Range than to your store. Can I sign up at Angeles Range?
We will be sending all pertinent sign-up forms to the Angeles Ranges. You can pick them
up there but you must mail or bring them to ARM USA. Please do not turn in the forms
to Angeles Range personnel. They are not responsible for collecting sign-up fees. I'm
hoping to have downloadable sign-up forms soon!

Can I give you a credit card number over the phone and fill out the forms at the range on the day of the shoot?
Sorry, but NO. All fees are to be paid in cash, check or money order. All sign-ups shall
be complete prior to the day of the shoot. A check is acceptable, but only if you sign up
and pay 14 days or more in advance.

I don't have any previous experience shooting the 50 cal guns and only limited experience shooting hand guns...can I still sign up for the 50 cal shoot?
Absolutely. Just let us know when you sign and we can go over some basics with
you. Also, during orientation (first thing the day of the shoot) be sure to pay very careful
attention to all instructions given. You will also be able to watch others shoot the rifles
before you step up to take your turn.

I am seriously considering buying a single-shot 50 caliber rifle and have narrowed my selection to one of two rifles. What if I want to shoot only 2 of the single-shot rifles so I can choose the rifle I wish to purchase?
Please do yourself a favor -- shoot all the single-shot rifles before you make your
decision. Even if you've shot some before. The shot you take could change your
mind. We can also offer suggestions to consider before you purchase, just ask!

My friend wants to come along and watch. Can I let him shoot one of my shots?

What if he pays for range time?

Can my friend and I each pay half and shoot half the rounds each?

My Dad and I want to shoot all the rifles. If Dad gets tired and doesn't want to shoot some of the single shots, can I shoot them?
By all means! We're not going to force anyone to shoot anything. If you are both signed up
for everything, you may take his remaining shots.

Would my brother be able to shoot a couple of my Dad's shots?
Only if your brother is signed up for the shoot.

How about my dog?
I'd like to see THAT.

I want to sign up for the belt-fed and my friend wants to sign up for the single shots. Can I save 2 rounds on the belt-fed for him and in return shoot one of his turns on a single shot?
NO. The only way we would even consider swapping shots is if both parties sign up for the entire shoot. We have not determine if we will do this, except for your Dad.

If I am at the range that day shooting and I've already paid my range fee for the day, can I throw 15 bucks at you and shoot one of the single-shot rifles?
Maybe. We haven't really thought of that. And hopefully there will be enough time
and ammuntion to do that sort of thing.

Can I just show up at the range and just take my chances?
Not advisable. We have run out of ammo before. Not to mention you won't be able to
get in the drawings, have exclusive 50 BMG T-shirts and Hats, and all the other fun
you might miss out on.

What if it's raining?
If it's raining cats and dogs in Anaheim, the shoot will be postponed until the following

Can I bring my own ammunition and shoot for free?

Can I bring my own ammunition and shoot for less?

Can I bring my own ammunition and shoot --
I said NO. hehehe

When should I sign up?
Please sign up ASAP. We need to see how many shooters there will be and plan

What if I pay for the shoot but don't end up shooting all the rifles because I have an emergency?
That's a violin.......
Seriously, though. Once you're signed up for a shoot, you need to BE THERE. Lots
of time and planning goes into the shoots and if you've signed up, most likely we've
turned someone else down because CAPACITY is limited. Any fees paid to shoot
are non-refundable.

Why don't you take credit cards?
While we do accept credit cards for merchandise in the store, we will not accept them
for payment of any 50 Caliber Shoots. This way we don't have to worry about someone
signing up, failing to make the shoot because they were too hung over after Saturday
night's party, and trying to reverse the charge on their card (which is a pain in the arse).

What if just want to come out and watch?
Everyone is welcome. Bring cameras if you like. All shooters AND spectators must wear
ear and eye protection at ALL times and abide by all Range Rules.

Can I bring other rifles to shoot?
By all means! Sign-up includes full use of rifle, shotgun and pistol ranges for the entire day.

How long does the shoot last?
We have had 11 shooters and finished about 12:45 pm. We have had 24 shooters
and everyone was done shooting by 1:45. Each shoot is different, depending on the
number shooters and their experience. We've also become a lot more organized.
Each time we put on a shoot, we learn quicker, better ways of doing things.