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What better way to help you decide on a 50 Caliber rifle purchase than to shoot a wide variety of them? ARM USA is the only place you'll find
where you can sample 7 NOW 8 different 50 BMG rifles BEFORE you buy! And be sure to get your 50 before they're banned. To receive notice
of future shoots, send a blank email to . Join us and you're sure to have a blast!


Next Shoot!!!

10:00 AM, Sunday, late February - early March 2003

Full day of Range Time (You may bring other firearms to shoot.)

Shoot 7 now 8! different rifles:
Browning M2HB Semi-Auto Belt-fed -- 10 rounds
Accuracy International AW50 -- Single shot
Armalite AR-50 -- Single shot
Barrett Model 99 -- Single shot
EDM Arms Windrunner -- Single shot
LAR Grizzly Big Boar -- Single shot
Ultimate Accuracy AMAC 5100 -- Single Shot AND
Serbu BFG -- Single Shot

Exclusive 50 Caliber Shoot T-Shirt
Exclusive 50 Caliber Shoot Baseball Cap
Photos of 50 Caliber Shoot on CD Rom
Not to Mention:
Shooters will also receive special discounts on Ammo and Accessories throughout the store on Saturday September 22nd. Receive case price on any quantity of ammunition, including Federal American Eagle, Speer Lawman, Aguila Colibri or SSS Sniper Subsonic 22LR, Winchester, Remington, Corbon, Triton and MORE!!
Get 10% off on all shooting accessories such as Blackhawk or Eagle Tactical Gear, Shoot-n-C or NRA Official Targets, Ear & Eye Protection, Sentry Solutions and Otis Technologies Cleaning supplies, Bulk quantity Patches and MORE!!
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