Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is a bipod included with the gun?

No, but we now have a BFG-50 bipod available for $120. Check out the link from the home page.

2) What kind of accuracy can I expect from the BFG-50?

Check out the target on the page that you just came from (main BFG-50 page)...that should speak for itself. The best we've heard from a customer so
far is a 6" group at 1000 yards. We've also heard of a couple of customers shooting 2" groups at 600 yards with standard military surplus ammo.

3) How long will it take to get a BFG-50?

We now have BFG-50 rifles IN STOCK! Still up in the air on the magazine-fed version, though we're finally getting close. The BFG-50 carbines are
now available and are currently IN STOCK!

4) How do I order?

Send us full payment ($2195 single-shot, $2395 carbine) plus $50 for shipping and hard case, along with an FFL, and we'll ship when the gun is ready.
You may send a credit card number, or even order COD. If a check or credit card number is sent, we don't deposit the check or run the card until the
gun is ready to ship. Dealers please contact us for your pricing.

5) What's the status of the magazine-fed version?

The magazine-fed gun is exactly like the single-shot, except that a detachable 5-round magazine sticks out the left side of the gun. It looks like we've finally
decided on a final configuration for the mag-fed, and hope to have it ready soon.

6) How does the gun come apart for cleaning?

With the bolt all the way back, there is a hole in the receiver tube opposite the bolt handle which allows removal of the bolt handle retaining screw.
Removing the screw at the bottom of the perforated triangular brace allows the butt plate to hinge up. This allows the bolt (with handle removed) to slide
out the back of the gun.

7) What kind of warranty does the BFG-50 have?

Rather than attempting to comply with the provisions of the Magnuson-Moss act (Public Law 93-637), we don't provide a written warranty. There are
certain implied warranties under State law with respect to sales of consumer goods. As the extent and interpretation of these implied warranties varies
from state to state, you should refer to your state statutes. Blah, blah. Read a Ruger manual sometime; the wording is about the same. Serbu Firearms,
Inc., relies on maintaining a good name in this business for it's continued existence. So we certify that all our products leave here free from defects in
materials and workmanship, and meet manufacturing specifications at the time of manufacture. We stand behind our work and our products; we just
don't want to run afoul of Federal regulations in making warranty claims that we can't really legally comply with. Someday, when we get enough legal help,
we'll come up with a real warranty. Tougher than you thought, eh? But basically, if something is wrong we'll fix it.

8) I've never heard of you do I know the BFG-50 won't blow up on me?

The BFG-50 was designed by a Mechanical Engineer; the design is very safe and very solid and has been thoroughly tested. All highly stressed parts are
made from MIL-spec, certified materials, and are heat treated by a certified process. Before shipping each gun is proof tested (fired with an overpressured cartridge...65,000 psi instead of the nominal 55,000 psi) and then Magnafluxed per an ASTM specification in order to check for defects. We haven't found
any yet, by the way. Plus, there are now over 400 satisfied BFG-50 owners, and they're all still among the living.

9) Can you ship a BFG-50 directly to me?

All guns must transfer interstate through an FFL dealer. If you're in Florida we have a local dealer you may use.

10) What is the price of the BFG-50?

The single-shot version is $2195, while the carbine is $2395.

11) I've never fired a .50 BMG bad is the recoil?

Thanks to the new muzzle brake, not bad at all. Check out the videos on the web page. Whereas a high-powered, lightweight rifle will hit your shoulder like
a hammer, the BFG-50's recoil is more like having a big guy shove you with his palm. The new "Shark Brake" is now standard. It is just like the old brake,
but instead of 1/2" holes in the sides there are machined cutouts that look like shark gills. It works much better than the old brake. For BFG-50 owners
who want to upgrade to the Shark Brake, it's $65. You may buy one outright for $125.

12) I can't view the videos...what gives?

Some ISPs have problems with them. Try right-clicking with your mouse, and select "save file to disk". Then view the file locally, instead of trying to
get it to play online.

13) What kind of scope and rings should I use?

The Tasco Super Sniper survives on a .50, and is a great scope for the money. My personal SS10X42 has survived 1200 rounds with no problems
whatsoever. On the other hand, the SS16X42 I had on another BFG-50 died after 50 rounds. Customer feedback tells us that there's about a 50% chance
of survival on these scopes. Tasco has a lifetime warranty on them, so it's no big deal. They're available at: for $300. Unfortunately, Tasco
has recently declared bankruptcy. Rings... We sell Romanian-made ones that are very reasonable; $75/set. MWG (see
mmsh.html) and Badger Ordnance ( make nice rings. The low rings will work fine, though some find that even they aren't low
enough. We'll probably come out with a cheek pad for those who like a good cheek weld with the gun.

14) Do you make kit versions of any of your guns?

No. While I am personally very big on "do-it-yourself", I don't need the BATF crawling up my....uh....bothering me for what is seen by some as a
circumvention of the "system".

15) Is there a lefty version of the BFG-50?

No, but the gun can be fired by a lefty with no problem. We're considering making a left-handed version of the gun, but it will probably cost a few
hundred dollars more.

16) Is the barrel removable?

It is removable in that it is threaded in place; it is not meant to be removed for transport. The muzzle end has 1.000-14 threads while the breech end
has 1.500-12.

17) Is a longer barrel available? Shorter?

Yes. A 36" heavy barrel which has a 1.625" outside diameter is available for $250 more. A shorter barrel (22") is standard on the carbine.

18) Can the BFG-50 shoot military surplus ammunition?

Yes. The barrel is chambered to shoot either match or surplus ammo.

19) Is this gun made in the U.S.?

Yes. Almost all parts except for the barrel (which is German made) are made in-house, while a couple are made at various machine shops in Florida,
from U.S. made steel.

20) What is the production status of the BFG-50?

We delivered the first BFG-50 in May 2000, and have since delivered over 400.

21) How can I find out more?

Beyond what you've read here, your best bet is to check out the .50 BMG discussion board at